Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Background on Robin aka Stitching Witch

Wow! Hard to believe that I have been a seamstress for over 30 years. My career has been in all kinds of different area in the sewing world from doing repairs of clothing to doing auto upholstery.
Started by working with my grandma and was paid with candy and ice cream. Learned to take apart clothing and wedding gowns for her, I was taught to sew on a push petal Model 66 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine. I still can hear her say " faster you petal the faster you will go". My career has been different from others, worked in Dry Cleaners and bridal shop as seamstress, then I wanted to try something different so upholstery and drapes. 

Then, I went to work for this local auto upholstery repair shop, great family owned business. Enjoy the skill of making and fixing worn areas in the automobile seats.
 Did that for about  2 years and found a great position in a custom bus company, it was a dream job, had the freedom to make new furniture and use all of my skills to make it come to life from pattern making to pushing the limits of fabrics and leathers. Then I got laid-off 😭

Worked for another bus company and really thought that this was my last move and my forever job. Was there for about 5 years and thought I was growing with the company. But not got Laid-off again😭.

So I took my 401K in 2007 and started a business called The Stitching Witch. So I started looking for location to open my business. Found a small retail shop in Grandview, Oh. The Stitching Witch would be a full alteration shop. Opened our doors May 2007, I was taking a huge risk. At this time, I was a single mom of 2 children with tons of debt and Jobs were hard to find in my area. Everyone was worried about money and just to make ends meet, I had to make it. I had kids and they needed me and I needed them.

 Well, The Stitching Witch was growing and I had a lot of amazing Clients. We moved to a larger retail shop in the same building, which I needed bad. Growth of the company was great and loved it so much. In 2014, I lost my mother  and my retail shop rent was going to go up, do to the growth in the area. I just could not see going backwards in business( profit to lose) So we closed the Retail Store and moved it all to my home in Blacklick. 😡😳😲😲😲
From 2000 sq retail store to a 300 sq loft room in my house (wish I had a basement), very hard to find a pair of scissors, boxes to the ceiling.
Took a break from sewing, opened a Diaper service and while working for a Law office and was a manager in a retail store. Then sold the Diaper business in June 2019.

Now 2019, The Stitching Witch is a online Embroidery Company. I love to design embroidery for everyday uses like repairing jeans and bowl cozy and so much more.

I want thank you for letting share a my long story with you!!

Robin aka Stitching Witch 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Red Truck quilting designs

Red truck has a special place in my heart, my father had a vintage red truck when I was a child. When the fabric showed up in the fabric store, I was hooked. Then I started buying the fabric and the panels with the red truck. I have been a seamstress since I was a young child. Do not remember, when I started sewing. So, I start making quilt tops with the panels, and I didn't want to do stitch in ditch on my quilts. Because, I have done a few quilts in the hoop with my embroidery machine. I had the idea to make my own design with the truck in the quilt design.

My first Vintage truck design was with a Christmas tree and dog.

Vintage Pickup Truck - Embroidery Machine

Vintage Pickup Truck - Long Arm Machine

 Second Quilt Design was Truck with Pumpkins had to make one for Embroidery machine and Long Arm machine.

Let's go to the Pumpkin Patch - Embroidery machine

Let's go to the Pumpkin Patch -Long Arm machine

Third Quilt Design was Truck with Flag had to make one for Embroidery machine and Long Arm machine. My father was in the Vietnam War this design is to honor the him and Veterans.

Patriotic Pickup Truck - Embroidery machine

Patriotic Pickup Truck - Long Arm machine

Hope you enjoy the quilt designs!!

Bowl Cozy embroidery design project

Hello Everyone,

I have made my share of Bowl Cozy, and after sitting at my sewing machine for hours. I had a idea on saving me some time and doing the quilting and making sure my darts were in the same place every time.  So I started to design the bowl cozy, and I wanted to save some money by not buying or using stabilizer.  After testing the design and love the way, I saved a lot of time. I was limited buy the size of hoop, Hmmm..

Bowl Cozy link -

So I made a half of a bowl cozy and then I was able to sew a larger bowl cozy.  I nailed the issue about the hoop.

Half Bowl Cozy link -

After making a lot of half bowl cozy, I had extra fabric in the center middle area. So I left extra fabric in center and then a oval serving bowl cozy was made. So may ways to make bowl cozy, but this was the easiest and the fastest.
Happy Sewing,

Background on Robin aka Stitching Witch

Wow! Hard to believe that I have been a seamstress for over 30 years. My career has been in all kinds of different area in the sewing world ...